Twice in the last few days someone has tried to reassure me about my safety here. It’s getting a bit annoying, especially since in a community like this there are really only two main safety issues: (drunk) white men and things that bite, like snakes and crocodiles. The former are rare since there was a grog bust here recently (it made the NT papers) and the latter are also relatively rare. However, I was reminded today that people don’t have to be drunk to act like losers, and it had nothing to do with locking my door at night. I was running and someone decided it’d be a great idea to play chicken with me. I was in standard running gear (although covering a bit more arm and leg than I would normally) and they were in a shiny white Four Wheel Drive, so not much of a contest. Nothing much happened – they nearly tripped me by coming up behind me and honking the horn, then swerving a bit and coming on to the shoulder of the road and kicking up dirt and gravel. They nearly lost control of the car. Not sure who it was, except I’m pretty sure the drivers were white and since the car had tinted windows it shouldn’t be hard to find.

Otherwise, it was a pretty good day, topped off by the barge coming in more than a day early! There’ll be stuff in the shop tomorrow. [This trip has not been a culinary success, with the exception of the bit of bara I was given today, off the hook straight on the coals, fresh and juicy. I’ve been humbugging people for bushfood quite a bit recently. I want to go bush for bäwaŋ again. And someone’s got ḻami for cycad paste!]


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