It’s the end of my second week, and almost the halfway point (not quite). I’ve been working for two sessions a day and it’s really tiring. In the past when I’ve done this it’s been checking transcriptions in one session, which is much less tiring. This is full on new stuff for 3-4 hours a day. We’re also working at weekends, because that’s when one of the women is free from her job. I’m keeping up with the metadata and backing up, but with that and preparation there’s not much time for transcription. That’s made harder by the number of people in the guesthouse. The TV’s on all the time and the plug for my noise-isolating earphones keeps coming loose in my ear. I was getting up early to go an hour or so before everyone else got up but there’s no point if I keep falling asleep in the afternoon session. One up-side is I’m getting lots of exercise! Probably walking about 3-4km just visiting people/going to the shop/postoffice etc, and running on top of that.

We’ve just about finished the really important questions I had for the dictionary. I’m starting to think of more syntax stuff that’s come up, getting more examples of a few things, in short the usual sort of stuff people do for a documentation.


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