Britney is useful after all

I’m not usually a great fan of Britney Spears, but she served a useful purpose yesterday: her picture (along with some others of unidentifiable stuffy animals) was the focus of a multilingual conversation where I wasn’t present. This isn’t a big deal for most fieldworkers but I’ve had a lot of trouble convincing people in the past that recording conversation is a good idea. This time it worked, and thanks to my slackness in washing up (and not doing what the old lady told me to do 15 minutes before) I had an excellent excuse to leave the room.

I suspect it’s because we now have the learner’s guide and dictionary getting towards finished. I never thought I’d write that, but setting a deadline for the dictionary of ‘all the words we can think of by the end of this trip’ will get us a good-sized first dictionary of about 3800 words.

[Update: we’ll make 4000 or so by the time I enter all the new stuff from my fieldnotes. The conversation was pretty funny.]


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