Problem solving

Some questions from the last few years have been solved, more or less. This is a relief, since I was initially really worried about having enough time to do enough here, especially since other commitments meant that I hadn’t done a whole lot in the way of detailed question preparation. That’s mostly what I’ve been doing this week in the time between sessions.

So, some solutions:

I think I was puzzling on this blog about –mi last time I was at Milingimbi. It’s a declarative, a “you actually did it” sort of thing. It occurs a lot in questions, and accompanied by a strong accent on the verb in statements. –nyi or –i is the same thing, in the secondary verb form. It doesn’t occur in the habitual according to the person I asked (*nhäwami or nhäwanyi) but I think it’s worth doing some digging, since you might expect it to occur in sentences like I didn’t wash the clothes, I wrung them out. That would produce the right verb form.

I think I’ve worked out why I’ve been having so much trouble with coda l and ḻ. It’s because the main two people I work with neutralise them in one direction (all to [ḻ], and another neturalises them in the other direction, to [l]).


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