10% of my time here has already gone. Wuy!

Another potentially disastrous session that turned out all right. Kids everywhere, TV really loud, building going on next door, and I was working with one of the ladies who doesn’t speak English and who speaks very softly. Most of my urgent work is morphology, such as checking the imperative of about 80 verbs ending in -ma; it can be -ø or -ŋu and it’s mostly unpredictable, and we didn’t have most of them recorded. That’s not something that can be easily done with her, mostly because I don’t have the Yan-nhaŋu to explain what’s needed. But we chatted about some pictures in the Oxford Picture Dictionary, and I got a bunch of new words and had a fun time explaining places on a map of the world.

I’ve added 350 words to the dictionary in the last few days, although a few of them are ‘fake’ words (e.g. mishearings). [Update: about 50% of them ended up being variants of existing words or mishearings, or words not known to other speakers.]


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