I’ve had a chance to see some of the intervention and its short-term results first hand this week.

So far things have been fairly positive. There’s a school holiday program for the kids which is popular (for me too, since it keeps the school-age kids away from the microphone!) The missions people are fascinating, as always. The health team is staying in the same place I am, and they seem to be pretty well received. There are rumours that there’s progress on finding specialists and they’re thinking about how to deal with the referrals (e.g. someone’s realised that with 70% of a community with some form of chronic ear infection, there’s going to be a need for more than 1 ENT specialist if any of the referrals are going to be followed up on).

There’s a bit more fruit and veg in the shops and floating around the community. I had fresh green beans for dinner a few days ago and it only cost about $12 a kilo.


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