Today went better. I was working with the old lady, which was a bit daunting because I’m still very rusty at actaully speaking Yan-nhaŋu and can’t remember sizable vocab chunks.

I tried video today, and it worked well! It’s a new mp4 SD-card recorder, on a little tripod. Quite forgettable, and the picture quality and contrast is excellent (at least compared to my previous video). The sound isn’t too bad either.

We did a frog story today. The standard telling went fine (about 15 minutes, I think), but then she webt back through and told it in the other direction! So much for causal events in narrative…

The shop has a new “manymak ŋatha” (good food) campaign, where healthy foods have this sign on them. It’s fascinating. Lite Spam [shudder] is manymak ŋatha, as is, of course, fruit and veg. So is toothpaste. There’s a big “fruit and veg are manymak ŋatha” sign on one of the fridge cases near the door, but it’s got artificial custard-like stuff in that case!

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