Things are picking up nicely. My yapa is out of hospital (although she went back to check things out, which produced much teasing from me about her affair with a handsome doctor, to which she replied ‘he’s like a mosquito, drawing blood all the time’).

Last time I tried to get at language games, without much success. This time I said ‘let’s make up a game where you say something backwards’, and I gave an example. Turns out there is a game like this, and it’s extremely interesting from a phonological standpoint. I only did about 5 minutes of exploring, but it’s going to be worth doing something systematic. Particularly interesting is what happens to long vowels in monosyllables. More soon.

There are tourists in the guest house this weekend (most of the mission, army and health people went back to Darwin for the weekend, although a couple of people are still here). Given the noisiness of the kids, I’m lamenting the fall of the permit system more than ever. And it’d be really great if the TV antenna stopped working.

Quote of the day: “I’ve always wanted to hold one of them.” This was overheard by one of the army guys at the guesthouse. It was said by a tourist off a cruise ship which is docked somewhere off the coast. They came to visit the arts centre and see singing, dancing, waving kids, etc. It was said of a baby that one of the women had there (about 6 months old), in the same intonation of someone going to one of those zoo’s where you can stroke the koalas and feed the wallabies. Nothing like putting people in a museum, one of those new-fangled post-modern interactive museums where you get to construct your own “experience”.


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