Jaŋari‘s not the only one having trouble finding accommodation in the field. In his case, it was the price of gold. In my case, who knows? I’m having lots of trouble contacting people. In 2001 I cold-called some people at One Arm Point for crash space until I could find something. In the past, Milingimbi CEC’s been extremely helpful (and I’m still crossing fingers that something will work out). Cold-calling is a bit more difficult from the US, because of the time difference, and because if I call on my (cell) phone people at the other end can’t here me! Therefore it has to be skype, and that means a late-night trip to my office at the moment, since home internet is unreliable. I leave in less than 3 weeks. Camping at my consultants’ houses is fine as far as I’m concerned (if a bit stressful), but having somewhere quiet to work has made all the difference, and that won’t happen unless I can find my own place.


2 responses to “Accommodation

  1. Sorry if this makes things seem worse, but I ended up with a great place.

    I was stuck in the overly priced, uncomfortable service-station dongas for the first night, but then on night two I got lucky and scored a permanent donga for cheap weekly rates with a local who gives reference to people doing good stuff, like language work, as opposed to miners. That was good, but it was just as uncomfortable.

    Then, two weeks later, a friend, who was going to uni in Darwin, asked mt if I’d house-sit while he was away, which meant the remainder of my time there. An entire house, with a great kitchen, bathroom (inside!!) and all the rest of it, for the same money as I was paying at the second donga.

    Very fortuitous in retrospect too, since the clinic from town set up a little clinic-ette in Kybrook – in the very room in which I used to do my recordings. Despite the fact that they were only there once a week, they had to leave it locked the rest of the time for obvious reasons. So instead, I was able to do all my recording at my house, which was pleasant and comfortable for all.

    Good luck finding something though. By ‘cold-calling’, do you mean ringing people, not knowing who they are and asking if they’ve got somewhere for you to stay, like you suggested to me a while back? I don’t think I could do that, to be honest.

  2. That’s the sort of place I’ve been in before – vacant teacher housing. They get a house sitter, I get a quiet place to work, kitchen and shower! It’s dongas all the way at One Arm Point, which I don’t mind too much since most of the work is outside there, but I know what you mean.
    Yep, that’s exactly what I meant by cold-calling…

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