LSA Stanford

I’m back from Australia but off to the LSA Institute at Stanford University tomorrow. Any other bloggers going?

I’m teaching a class there on historical linguistics and Australian languages. It’s a survey of Australian prehistory and historical linguistics, concentrating on Pama-Nyungan. I’ve been working on finalising some details  for my handouts, but the irony is it would probably be easier to leave it until I get to Stanford and have access to their library. Everything I’ve wanted at Rice (that I don’t own) has been either not in the catalogue or in storage; Stanford’s libraries seem to have them all, though. These are things like Hattori and Wurm’s atlas of Pacific/Australian languages.


One response to “LSA Stanford

  1. This blogger has been there the whole time (and I think I saw you visiting a couple of classes I was in), but obviously not reading many blogs while there…

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