Useless Stats

I’m a great fan of useless statistics. Amazon now has a “words per dollar” feature for books that they can search inside. It’s in the “text stats” page. For example, I find that the reprint of Curr’s Australian Race gives you 3,461 words per dollar, whereas John Mathew’s Eaglehawk and Crow provides a mere 2,800 or so.


2 responses to “Useless Stats

  1. Does it correctly get ‘zero’ for ‘A boy, a dog, and a frog’?

  2. No. this is from One Frog Too Many, my personal favourite for its subtlety in plot development.

    11 words per dollar.
    13 most frequent words: cis fi hii idd ii il iz jal ki op qo te ti
    28% of books are easier on the Flesh index.

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