Regular readers of this blog may remember my distress at not having seen Ten Canoes. I have now seen a few times (on the plane to Australia this trip, for example), but I am now the proud owner of my own copy. Three copies, in fact! With Ganalbiŋu narration, English narration, and Ganalbiŋu narration and no subtitles (which’ll be a great way to practise).

This is a sizable corpus for this language. I’m looking forward to seeing how close the narration versions are (for example, the storytelling styles of English and Yolŋu are very different). Will it be Yolŋu, with repetition, ellipsis, etc? We’ll see…


3 responses to “Lipalipamiṯtji!

  1. Where on earth did you get the copies!? I have been trying to track them down everywhere…

  2. Hmm, good question, Sophie.

    I bought mine the day it came out from a very large Sydney music and dvd retailer. I just had a gawk at to see if there were any available, but alas, there appears to be only one copy around, a second hand one, and it’s going for, get this: US$83.98.

    It’s only twenty bucks Australian from here.

  3. I got mine from Dymocks in Canberra (AUS$40 or so). The ABC shop might deign to sell them at some point (the glee with which the person told me they were out of stock was a bit hard to fathom). Yeah, Jangari, that $83 copy was a bit much. Sophie and I were chatting earlier and she found an online source.

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