I’m off to Australia this afternoon. Apologies to everyone who’s emailed me in the last few days who hasn’t got an answer – I hope I’ll be catching up a bit on the plane.

By the way, where I often go running in Houston there are some really really cool snakes:

It’s a Texas Coral Snake (Micrurus fulvius tener) which is definitely my kind of venemous snake – its mouth is too small to get a grip on humans and it’s also rather slow-moving. It conforms to what someone at One Arm Point told me, that if you see a snake track that’s goordilgoordil (twisting, crooked) there’s no need to worry, but if it doesn’t have a lot of bends in it that’s the one to look out for.


2 responses to “Travelling

  1. Have a great trip! stay away from those straight-track snakes.

    My colleague Ofelia Zepada tells of how the Tohono O’odham, here in the Sonoran Desert, have a rule about snake tracks: if you see one, you’re supposed to turn aside and go around, not cross it. Ironically, in Tucson, one of the major pieces of public art is a giant snake bridge across a main thoroughfare: . She said she first saw it when riding a bus, about to go under it. Thousands of people crossing a snake path every day, all day.

    it’s a very cool piece of public art, but I haven’t looked at it the same way since!

  2. That wouldn’t be feasible at One Arm Point!

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