Language of the week: Tsafiki

This week’s language was going to be Tsafiki, a Barbacoan language with a fantastic documentation project run by Connie Dickinson. However … the main page for the site is a link that goes here. The ISP was taken over and the link no longer works, and I haven’t been able to find out if there’s a new page. The Rosetta Project is down, too. That leaves

  • A sketch here on
  • The wikipedia entry for Barbacoan languages.
  • A language policy article for Ecuador.

There are more articles which include information about Barbacoan languages, including Tsafiki (which is also called Colorado), but I use this as an excellent example of why archiving is not the same as putting your materials on the web.*

*As far as I know, the Tsafiki project is well archived off-line. However, it’s an excellent example of how a single event (like an ISP being taken over by another company) can cause access loss, and why web publishing isn’t equivalent to archiving.


One response to “Language of the week: Tsafiki

  1. Damn straight. That’s why linguists, anthropologists, musicologists and anyone with field recordings should get all their old analogue tapes restored (if need be), digitised and archived!
    It’s also why incredibly valuable digital archiving projects, like PARADISEC, need funding, so we don’t have to turn away materials because the depositor can’t afford the fees.

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