Grant opportunity

Aboriginal community organisations can apply for one-off grants worth up to
$25,000 to protect and teach Aboriginal languages.

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Paul Lynch said for Aboriginal people,
language is a direct link to their identity, land and country, reflecting
their unique way of looking at the world.

Applications for close on Friday, May 25. For more information or to get an
application form visit or call 9219 0700.
(via the ILAT list)

2 responses to “Grant opportunity

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  2. Thanks for this, Claire. I got all excited and was about to send that off to the Kybrook mob, but it’s only for NSW.

    Is this the same entity as the NSW Language Centre that started out only a few years ago in Glebe, around the corner from the library? If so then it’s very encouraging to see that they have such generous grants for language revitalisation.

    Another project that’s encouraging and exciting, is the Ngapartji Ngapartji online Pitjantjatjara language and culture course.

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