Summer plans (and beyond)

We have finished classes for the semester (although exams are still to go) and it’s 484 days until I stand up in front of a classroom at Rice. Here’s where I’ll be over the next year while I’m on research leave. I’ll be…

  • in Australia from mid-May to the end of June (in Canberra, Sydney and Alice Springs).
  • at the LSA Institute at Stanford in July, teaching a course on the historical linguistics of Aboriginal Australia.
  • at ICHL in Montreal in August
  • at the ALS 40th Anniversary Celebrations at the end of September, and after that on fieldwork at Milingimbi.

(Apart from that, I’ll mostly be in Houston.)


13 responses to “Summer plans (and beyond)

  1. To me, ‘historical linguistics of Aboriginal Australia’ makes it sound like you’re gonna talk about historical linguistics as practitioned by Aboriginal people, but that’s not what you’re gonna talk about is it?

  2. But your plans sound neat… I’ll probably see you at ALS!

  3. Nope, it’s historical linguistics and prehistory as applied to Australian languages (Pama-Nyungan in particular).
    Excellent – see you there!

  4. You lucky, lucky… ack! I so much regret having gotten into the PhD program I did at Harvard, and then sticking it out as long as I did, instead of immediately bailing out for the greener pastures of linguistics. Now I’m only green with envy :)

    Congrats on finishing up the year, and all the best for the upcoming one!

  5. Alright, party time in Adelaide.
    See you both there!

  6. it’s my birthday during the conference… and it’s a milestone one too

  7. Which one, or shouldn’t we ask? Can’t be the drinking one, surely. The US drinking one? Easier car hire? The one that I’m in denial about (so much so that I’ll be spending it on a plane?)

  8. goŋ ga goŋ ga goŋ ga goŋ ga goŋ ga goŋ … that’s how old i’ll be. :-)

  9. Yay Wamut! I was hoping I’d get to spend your upcoming birthday with you! We’ll celebrate both of ours then. We’re such a good vintage ;0

  10. That’s the one I’m in denial about too… It’s in late June, so by ALS I might be ready to cope.

  11. Another of the same vintage! Told you it was a good one!

  12. I feel so young. :D

  13. David Marjanović

    Hm. Just guessing… does this mean 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5? You don’t need to answer if you don’t want to… :->

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