Two unusual articles

Notice anything about this article? or this one?

What struck me about the first was that nowhere does it mention that Prof Dodson is Aboriginal. It mentions his academic qualification and one of his many roles in social justice leadership. That is extremely unusual, I think.

The second article is unusual because it gives not only the clan name of the elder (Goolarabooloo, which is an extremely interesting term and will get its own post tomorrow), but the name of the site.

Let’s hope this is the start of a trend.

2 responses to “Two unusual articles

  1. Maybe it’s been changed since you first saw it, but the first article describes Professor Dodson as “an Aboriginal academic” before referring to him by name. (Actually, it seems kind of odd to me that they use the indefinite description in the first paragraph, talk about someone else in the second, and then return to Professor Dodson in the third, relying on the reader to connect the two references to him.)

  2. Damn. Yes, it was something like “prominent academic” when I read it.

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