Elan Templates

I’ve got around to cleaning up some Elan templates and I’ve put them online. There are (at this stage) two files:

  • MasterElicitation.etf: A template which can be used for transcribing elicitation sessions. It contains a transcription tier, a tier whichyoucan “tokenize” with individual words from the transcription tier, a gloss tier, and a few annotation tiers. It assumes one “consultant” speaker and one “linguist”.
  • MinimalTemplate.etf: A simple template with a transcription line, a translation tier, a speaker tier and a comment tier. Use this one if you’re just getting started with Elan and you want something to test how it works.

Never of these templates has support for interlinearisation (simply because I do interlinearising in Toolbox and I’m not yet at the stage of importing back into Elan).

You may download these templates for your own use. Please don’t further distribute them – send people to this page for them.


12 responses to “Elan Templates

  1. Thanks for these Claire. Elan is otherwise prohibitively difficult to learn, in my opinion.

    And by the way, the Ten Canoes DVD does indeed have both the normal theatrical release with English narration and a version with Ganalbingu narration instead. If you’re keen you can turn off the subtitles too!

  2. Drool drool drool. Is it actually Ganalbiŋu though? I finally got to see it with the English narration but a very large percentage of the dialogue was in Djambarrpuyŋu and what I think was Rembarrnga.

  3. I’m trying to get my hands on a DVD copy of the ‘Making of’, which I’ve missed each time it’s screened on SBS. I *don’t think* it’s being packaged in with the Ten Canoes DVD. Is it on yours by any chance, Jangari?

  4. Yeah, I was simplifying. I can’t exactly tell the difference beteween Ganalbiŋu and other Yolŋic lects and it doesn’t actually say it anywhere on the DVD. I was just going on what I read. I suppose ‘Yolŋu Matha’ would have been more appropriate.

    Bulanjdjan, I know the one you mean, I saw the first half when it was on TV. It was called ‘Making Ten Canoes’ right?. I haven’t had a look to see what’s on this DVD but there’s a second disk with what looks like plenty of ‘makings of’, a gallery of Dr Thompson’s photos and some other stuff. There’s a good chance it’ll be on it.

  5. The doco about the making of Ten Canoes is called The balanda and the ten canoes and is not bundled with the DVD of the feature of ‘Ten Canoes’. You can get the ‘making of’ from Film Australia.

  6. Can you really say “never of these templates”? Googling for “never of these” yields many instances of people using the phrase as you do, where I would say “none of these” (or “neither of these”), and most of the users from my tiny sample seem to be Australian. I’ve never heard this before.

  7. That was a speech recognition error for neither – a “speecho”, as we dubbed them in my morphology class this morning (since they appear on handouts of mine fairly frequently). Definitely ungrammatical for me.

  8. HI Claire,
    Thanks for these templates, they are helpful. What pubs and project reports are out there that describe analysis done on ELAN? How do folks present their data visually once they’ve done the analysis with ELAN? Liz

  9. Hi Liz, I’ve seen screenshots in a few presentations (mostly conference talks) but I suspect people mostly use it for searching for transcripts.

  10. hey claire! Trying to download the templates but getting ‘server error’ — are they no longer available? (maybe the rice site isn’t hosting them anymore, prob?) :) hh

  11. Hi Heidi! Yeah, I no longer have an account there. I don’t see them on this hard drive. I’ll have a look in my backups…

  12. ok… now available from pantheon.yale.edu/~clb3/MasterElicitation.etf and pantheon.yale.edu/~clb3/MinimalElicitation.etf

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