OK, so so much for LSA live blogging. I was having too much of a good time listening to talks and catching up with people. The Tensor has a summary post and it was great catching up with all the bloggers! I have a couple of things I want to write about, so maybe call this cryogenic live-blogging…

  • Carol Padden’s talk on person marking in signed languages.
  • The Missionaries and Linguistics panel, which I couldn’t go to because I was presenting in my own panel on
  • Morphology, paradigms and the role of diachronic data in synchrony.
  • The panel on endangered languages and linguistic theory.
  • An observation that many of the historical talks included computational methods this year, which is interesting to note. We’ll see if it’s a trend.
  • All the fantastic new books I bought.

Call this a blogging IOU…


3 responses to “LSA

  1. Is there a place we can see the papers (or at least abstracts) from your panel on “Morphology, paradigms and the role of diachronic data in synchrony”?

  2. Sure, I’ll put up the proposal and link to it here.

  3. Blogging IOUs are dangerous!!!

    I’m only just about ready to pay mine off. (Thanks for the gentle reminder!)

    Check my blog in a day or two.

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