LSA live blogging

I’m at the LSA in Anaheim, and a fine conference it’s shaping up to be. And it hasn’t even started yet!

There is free wireless in the conference areas, hence the possibility of live blogging. You will not receive live updates during the session I am chairing, nor while I am talking, but other times are certainly possible.

Also, and this is a small thing but nice nonetheless,  the LSA has provided the nametags on lanyards that can be clipped around in various ways, depending on which way the name tag portion is facing. They have defeated the problem that no matter which way you put the thing on, it always swings itself around so it can’t be seen.

One response to “LSA live blogging

  1. hyea, I don’t know you, you don’t me that’s two unknown people knowing each other.
    Anyway I read you articles found it quiet interesting so .I say.normally I don’t… my blog………

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