Learner’s guide is done!

I sent it to the printers on Friday, and a great relief that was too!

Here’s the front cover and table of contents. The front cover design was painted by several of my Wäwamitṯtji for the purpose.

Learner’s guide cover

The learner’s guide is for internal community use at the moment, but it will be sent to a commercial publisher next year once people at Milingimbi have had a chance to look at it, and I’ve had a chance to correct the typos in it.


3 responses to “Learner’s guide is done!

  1. Aarigaa, nakuuruq! (Wow, it’s good!) Congratulations on finishing it. The cover art is beautiful.

  2. Late comment. I hung up reading this post at the word “Wäwamitṯtji”. Three coronal stops in a row? With different articulation points? Is that even possible?

  3. oops. Nope, it’s a typo. Should be wäwamiṯtji.

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