Still going…

Just finished the noun chapter in the learner’s guide. It ended being about 15 pages longer than I thought it would be, because I’d forgotten to add the suffixes that are only used on humans (e.g. -ŋuru is the general ablative, but –guŋu is the suffix used if you’re talking about ”from a person”). There’s a whole set of them, and they all have allomorphs.

Pronouns, adjectives, and a miscellaneous chapter on sentence connectives, counting, and subordination to go. (All of which combined are shorter than the noun chapter, thank goodness) Then it’s just checking the index (at which point I utter multiple exclamations that I’m so glad I’m doing this in LaTeX and not Word, so the index only needs checking for duplicates rather than swearing at for programming bugs), exporting the wordlist from Toolbox (it’s a small subset of the dictionary of words in the example sentences), making sure the summary tables of pronouns, noun endings, and verb endings/particles etc print ok, and then a final check for pagination and typos.

I need to give a mega-thank you to Jane Simpson who gave me an electronic copy of the Warumungu learner’s guide to use as a model. It’s been tremendously helpful and there’s no way I’d be able to have finished the guide this year without it.


One response to “Still going…

  1. Thanks Claire! – and for the chance to extend the thanks backwards to Jenny Green who gave me an electronic copy of
    GREEN, JENNY. 1994. A learner’s guide to Eastern and Central Arrernte. Alice Springs: IAD Press.

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