Learner’s Guide

I am neglecting my duties as a blogger to spend more time on my duties as a learner’s guide compiler. Unfortunately I had a bunch of good ideas for the learner’s guide recently, all of which involve work. The guide is growing — today it’s 15 pages longer than it was yesterday, because of extra examples, exercises, and the answers to exercises. It’s already on the fearsome side so I’m trying to keep the layout clean and fairly spacious.

Writing the learner’s guide has inevitably meant taking a stand on the “teach language with or without linguistics” issue. This guide will not please people who don’t like to be taught languages by being overtly taught structure. I don’t have much sympathy for the “grammar’s hard” argument (grammar’s only hard when you’re trying to come to terms with a badly defined concept badly taught) and not giving a concept a name doesn’t make it any easier to learn. We’ll see… The draft was well received so I have hopes for the new improved version…


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