Learner’s Guide question

Question time :)

I am trying to work out a good way of emphasising certain sounds within individual words in the Yan-nhaŋu Learner’s Guide. The first draft had them circled, but that was very fiddly. We can’t use bold because al Yan-nhaŋu is in bold in the Learner’s Guide. Italics looks a bit weird. We can’t use underline because underlining marks retroflection in the orthography. And I don’t want to use small caps because it alters the letter shape a lot.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. This is an image saved from the pdf – sorry it’s a bit blurry, that’s Acrobat’s fault. The relevant sounds are a bit larger than the surrounding words.

Has anyone else done anything like this for a learner’s guide? How was it received? Any other suggestions?

Edit: maybe this is clearer:


3 responses to “Learner’s Guide question

  1. The obvious other option would be to use a different colour, but have you disregarded that because it would increase costs due to colour printing?

  2. I would love to make it a fullcolour book, but yeah, we can’t afford it. It’d be the choice between making only a few copies versus making enough that anyone who wants one can have one.

  3. I think the slightly larger font is a good solution, assuming italics do in fact look too weird. I have to admit, i’m not a fan of underlining for retroflection. I’ve never had to use it but I assume it makes the exporting/importing of text a rather precarious activity. I much prefer ‘rC’ despite its potential mispronunciation from an Australian English point of view.

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