Digital mayhem

I am putting together my final report for my ELDP grant, which is a bit of a hair-raising experience. I have a 55 gig harddrive on my Rice-issued laptop (1.6 Khz processor, 1gig RAM). I have 25 gig of audio files and another 4 gig or so of other files, pictures, transcripts, etc etc. Therefore I cannot have the whole project on my hard disk at once. This makes burning DVDs rather involved, especially when I have a device conflict between my 270gig external harddrive and my DVD burner.

This is why I argued on funknet recently that “putting stuff on the web” is a) not the same as archiving; b) not a trivial matter; and c) a project quite independent on whether fieldwork involves scientific method or not.

I’ll leave you to ponder these intangibles while I go back to burning DVDs and documenting metadata while my equipment is behaving

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