Fully digital

I was all ready to write an indignant post about the FDA banning vegemite before discovering that no one seems to know if it’s true, so we’ll postpone that for now.

In the meantime, since I’m rather busy at the moment (just finished an article on Bardi verbs, but there’s more urgent things in the wings), let me leave you with a picture of a piece of junk mail I got this afternoon. I can wait to get my hands on some analogue CDs…


2 responses to “Fully digital

  1. Analog CD: There are three stages to making a CD: The recordings, the master, and the pressed CD. While the actual CD has to be digital, the recordings and the master can be analog.

    Look at some of your older CDs. You’ll see a cryptic little box with ADD or AAD or DDD. That tells you how the three stages are recorded.

  2. OK, sure, but surely this is not a particularly good guarantee of quality or necessarily a selling point. I could make “fully digital” recordings on my computer that wouldn’t be worth listening to. Given how little text there is in the ad, it seems a weird thing to highlight.

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