Back, sort of

I’m back from Europe (having had a lovely time in Estonia, Finland, England and Scotland) and out of hibernation. Lots to report on but it will have to wait for a few days while I finish a grant application or two.

Plans for the rest of the summer (all too little of it left!) involve Yolŋu reconstruction, Yan-nhaŋu transcription, and finishing the field methods book, in increasing order of urgency. You may well get more parts of the book serialised here.


2 responses to “Back, sort of

  1. Benjamin Girard-Bond

    Finally, I found you! My Bloglines was set up for the old Anggargoon address, so I haven’t read your posts in a while… Please, do post about Yolŋu reconstruction and all the other wonderful things that you do. And I can’t wait to read your field methods book!

  2. You’re writing a field methods book? I have to say, I’m very excited. As a relatively new fieldworker, I’m really interested in learning more about how other people do (and view) fieldwork, as there are so many different ideas out there.

    I’m also glad to have found your blog once again. I found your old site quite awhile ago, but never quite managed to make it over here. I’m not sure why.

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