Video sagas

Last year's Yan-nhangu* trip was the first that I used video on, and part of the digifest of the last week has been getting my DVs into a nice format for dealing with in Elan. I transferred the MiniDV cassettes to DVD ages ago, but have only now got around to dealing with formats and so on. A problem and something that ended up having an implausibly easy solution:

  •  The problem: the time codes in the transferred DVDs have been bizarrified. This is causing major mismatches between the image and the audio (I know it's the time codes because if the files are opened in Elan, you can simultaneously moved to parts of the full DVD, but it will only play part of the chapter).
  • Converting .vob files to mpg. There are few published conversion programs for this. Why? Because apparently, .vob files are mpeg-2 files! So renaming the extension makes them playable in Elan and other programs that deal with mpg.

 If anyone has suggestions for how to deal with the time codes issue, I'd love to hear them. The best thing will probably be to retransfer them episode by episode (rather than playing the whole file) but to do that I'll need to sit down with the episode list, which I guess willl be at the end of the summer.
*sorry, no engmas today. My computer gave me the seriously blue screen of death yesterday so as punishment the hard drive is being rescraped, so we can work out if it is a hardware issue or a software thing. 


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