NT blogging linguists

Sorry for the hiatus. Too much internetless fun in Hungary this time (the Second European Workshop on Australian Languages). More on that in a sec.

There are not one, not two but three Arnhem Land linguists blogging! A big welcome to:

that munanga linguist, who's at Ngukurr in Southern Arnhem Land, aka Wämut, my classificatory brother (whose blog I found through a comment here).

Inspired wandering, aka Sophie, also at Ngukurr and working on Ritharrngu and Roper River Kriol. Ritharrngu's a Yolŋu language, although a fairly distant relation to Yan-nhaŋu (e.g. if Sophie and I were to have a conversation in Yan-nhaŋu/Ritharrŋu I doubt we'd understand either other very well, although it could be fun. Sophie, nhäway nhunu? Manymak? Nhä mini mälk?

Langguj gel, aka Bulanjdjan, who's in Katherine working on Dalabon, and she's my daughter and I'm her ŋäṉḏi (bulanydjan, as it is in Yolŋu, is the daughter of gudjuk, whose my husband's subsection – clear as mud, no?).

Now we've got all those kin relations sorted out, welcome! They've got photos and everything. I think reading these blogs regularly is going to make me very homesick for Arnhem Land.


8 responses to “NT blogging linguists

  1. hey,

    bulandjan is my mum here… and you and me should be marrying bangardis and bangardijans… is it all different up north??

    and thanks for reading my blog :-)

  2. Yuwai, yu main mami. Wamut, im bla main san. Sophie bla main sista (im bulanjdjan du), en minbala mami bla Wamut, bobala!

  3. My husband’s gudjuk (my actual husband) and that was the preferred skin for him. I can’t remember what my secondary marriageable subsection is, maybe baŋadi’ now you mention it. My mum is Ŋarritjtjan. Langguj gel mentioned in one of her posts that she was working with her dad, who is gudjuk, and that squared with what I remembered. There are areal differences, and it’s more than possible I am confused. I have a lot of trouble keeping the calculations in my head when I’m not actually there being tested every hour!

  4. All of what you’re saying rings true from my perspective, Claire. My mother’s skin is Kamanj, and my father is Kodjok. This should mean that Wamut is your grandson, and you are his maternal grandmother. (Second choice for Wamud/Wamudjdjan – sorry, switcing between Kriol and Dalabon orthography – is Kodjdjok and Kodjdjan.)

  5. Though I hear that your skin is Wamuddjan, which makes you my daughter…

  6. aaaargh, it’s too hard!

  7. Not really… it’s just that I think first and second choice marraiges swap around a bit depending on location. I’m pretty sure that at Bulman my first choice wife would be Gotjjan and my second choice is Bangardijan but here at Ngukurr it’s the other way round.

    I found this out first hand when a munanga who has been working around Beswick and Bulman for a long time came to Ngukurr. His skin in Gojok and when he met me and some of my baba he ‘ah you’re my banji’ and we said no you’re our barn.ga (cross cousin).

    But then I guess when first and second choice marraiges swap around it will impact on lots of other relations and their skins…

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