Research Opportunities

A couple of research opportunities, one from me, one from Alan Rumsey at ANU:

I've put the announcement for Alan's proposal on Ozpapersonline. Anyone interested in working on this should contact him directly.

I also have a couple of projects in mind, especially for someone who might want to work on Australian historical linguistics. If you want to do completely original research and make a contribution to a very young discipline, this is the area for you! Email me if you're interested in the details. 


2 responses to “Research Opportunities

  1. Hi. Sorry I didn’t reach you through email. Long-time (or at least semi-irregular)reader, first-time commenter here. Do you mind saying what the projects are and what sort of help you’re looking for (if still looking)? Thanks.

  2. Hi Wimbrel, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I’ll email you about this too, but basically I have some topics that I’d like to see someone working on – things that would make good senior/honours thesis topics or maybe PhDs. There may also be some research positions available but that’s a long way down the track. Ideally they’d be for students at Rice or who want to come to Rice (or at least be co-supervised by me, since they’re related to languages I know).

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