Ten Canoes

The following text is the reproduction of the entire story about the release of Ten Canoes.

An Indigenous film unlike any other seen by Australian audiences premiered at the Adelaide Festival of the Arts last night.

About 2,000 people turned out to see the film Ten Canoes by director Rolf de Heer at the Her Majesty’s Theatre in Adelaide.

It is the first feature-length movie in an Australian Indigenous language.

Ten Canoes is set on the Arafura swamp in north-east Arnhem land and its entire cast is from the nearby Aboriginal community of Ramingining.

Seventeen members of the cast travelled to the premiere screening from Ramingining.

Do we think there’s a crucial piece of information missing from the report?


6 responses to “Ten Canoes

  1. I’m not actually sure whether you’re complaining that the story gives no indication about the plot, or whether it omits to say what the language is. I guess the second; for me actually the first is the more glaring omission in this non-story.

  2. I’m complaining about the language (which if I remember rightly is Gumatj, although Ramingining is supposedly Djinang and Djambarrpuyngu dominant.

  3. I’m surprised they even used the indefinite article in there, since so many people seem to assume there’s only one indigenous language per continent.

  4. A post to the Endangered Languages list said it is Ganalbingu, which is the main variety of Djinang.

  5. Yeah, I saw a few places mention Ganalbingu… I don’t think every article were as lean on the details.

    But has anyone seen the movie??

  6. It hasn’t been released here yet, I don’t think. It’s in Un certain regard at Cannes though.

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