The name BARDI means

to the person who was trying to find out what the name Bardi means: it doesn’t ‘mean’ anything – it’s the autonym and glossonym of a group of people with no further etymology (that is, it’s not like Wangkumara or Wangkajunga, which mean ‘good language’ and ‘straight language’ respectively).


4 responses to “The name BARDI means

  1. Where I come from (SA) Bardi is a fat little grub! A witchetty grub.

  2. Does it have a long vowel? The language name does, although it’s not written.

  3. I meant to add I’m from Canberra, and though I’ve heard the rumour that people from South Australia call them bardi grubs I’ve never actually heard anyone say that.

  4. nichols bardi

    l am a nigerian,from the yoruba tribe but the name bardi in my language means there is God.i actually want to know more personally from people apart from what i read from internet.

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