swimming goggles

I’m writing a long reply to Steve’s comment on my fieldwork blog removal, but with the complex verbs symposium next week and other stuff let me merely note a wonderful borrowing for now:

Djambarrpuyngu: batumaŋ ‘swimming goggles’, borrowed from Makassar padoːmaŋ ‘compass’.


5 responses to “swimming goggles

  1. It’s a good one. But Makassarese doesn’t have long vowels.

  2. It was written as o^ in David Zorc’s Yolngu Matha dictionary, which I assume is ô, but I have never found Zorc’s sources. Is it just accented then?
    Where should I be looking for sources on Makassarese?

  3. What a great semantic leap!

  4. Yep, it’s (penultimate) stress.
    For Makassarese lexical stuff you would be looking at A.A.Cense’s 1979 Makassarese-Dutch dictionary.

  5. Guys, I’m trying to find out definitively if Makassarese has (or had historically) penultimate stress. Is there a source for this issue? Cheers, Brett.