All fine

William and I are fine, the main force of the hurricane passed considerably east of here and our local area (aka what we can see from the window) has only minor damage – some branches down, some branches stripped of leaves, and some wet carpet where the windows leaked. We lost power a few times briefly, but all in all we were very lucky. It’s still very windy so we aren’t going anywhere for the moment, given the angle of the power lines we can see.

I’ll be moving back to when the server’s back up, although it might take a while for things to get back to normal (I packed up most of my apartment and moved lots of things in my office), and the time has come to make high-quality digital photographs or scans of all my fieldnotes so that “next time” I can pack up without the 3 days of stress about what might happen to the originals and whether the current backups are adequate.


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