Panic buying part III

We* went to Kroger (a supermarket) this afternoon after fixing up my office, a) to see if we could get more garbage bags, and b) to observe the final stages of panic buying. It was again rather different – water (yes, you can still buy water there, they must have got a delivery this morning) of course, but also beer, toilet paper and ice [the last bag snaffled in sight of us] seemed to be the main ingredients. There was no bread, not surprisingly, but there was lots of other stuff. There was less buying of useless stuff too, which may mean that all the people who buy useless food are now stuck in traffic. has a rather good way to measure the intensity of tornados.

I have spoken to more of my neighbours in the last 12 hours than in the entire previous month. It’s stinking hot, 101F.

And finally, something linguistic. Apparently there’s some disagreement whether the outbound traffic on inbound lanes is counterflow or contraflow.

*yes, my partner arrived from Boston on Wednesday…


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